Job Continuity for Teaching Faculty Now!

UC admin has offered UC-AFT teaching faculty a short term contract that would revert most articles to current contract language. After more than one year of bargaining, this is not acceptable. It also provides leverage. UC-AFT has responded with a contract offer that remains firm on our core job stability proposals, narrows our demands in other areas, and agrees to a contract duration of approximately 18 months.

In Article 7a--Pre-Six Appointments:
  • Sequence of one-year, then two-year, then three-year appointments
  • Clarified academic review process and criteria
  • Reappointment preferences for pre-continuing teaching faculty who have been reviewed and found qualified and competent
  • Reappointment preferences for two years if reviewed but not immediately reappointed

All of the measures above are contingent upon passing performance reviews that certify competence and are simple and straightforward to administer. The University would retain the right to assign available courses to individual teaching faculty who are qualified to teach them.

Our 1/2/3-year appointment structure will save the University time and money by only requiring two performance reviews prior to the Excellence Review for continuing appointment.

The 1/2/3 appointment works like this:

  • The first appointment is one academic year in duration.
  • Upon successful review at the end of the first year, a two-year appointment is granted.
  • Upon successful review at the end of the third year, a three-year appointment is granted. Each appointment thereafter is also three years long.
  • Intermittent quarter-based and semester-based assignments are possible within multi-year appointments, i.e., you could teach spring quarter/semester only for each of three years.

These measures will ensure that UC students are taught by the most experienced and qualified teaching faculty. They will save the University time and money by reducing costs associated with the annual hiring process. They will strengthen UC’s teaching mission and position UC as a nationwide leader in providing non-tenure track faculty job stability and career pathways for teaching-focused faculty.

If UC admin rejects our framework, we will continue to bargain the full contract and escalate our campaign to win on our full complement of contract proposals.

At this moment, we have a brief window of strategic opportunity. We need your help to convey our message: the short-term agreement that is prized by UC admin can be secured with a strong union contract that invests in career continuity for lecturers.  

At our most recent bargaining session on May 29th, dozens of lecturers told UC’s negotiators “I support rehiring rights.”  The unity of purpose clearly influenced UC admin’s representatives and led them to take our presentation seriously on the Zoom call. 

To push them to full agreement, we need to multiply the same simple and direct message: we stand behind the UC-AFT bargaining team in calling for faculty stability now. Add your information below to ensure that your email goes to key decision makers on your campus and at the UC Office of the President.  Then, click send.

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