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In these chaotic and difficult times, the UC can be a stabilizing force for students and faculty on our campuses. If we are asking students to return to learn amid a pandemic and widespread social unrest, we must ensure that their teachers and mentors will be there to support them. UC students and families need to know that the UC is committed to employing fully qualified and experienced teaching faculty. I stand behind the UC-AFT faculty bargaining team and support the UC-AFT proposal for re-employment preferences and multi-year appointments. 

Please ask UCOP to agree to UC-AFT’s May 29th contract package, which accepts the University’s proposal for a short-term contract and prioritizes instructional continuity and labor peace in light of the current financial uncertainties. UC-AFT’s package will ensure that UC students are taught by the most experienced and qualified teaching faculty. It will reduce hiring costs and position UC as a nationwide leader in providing a career pathway for non-tenure-track faculty. This is good for lecturers, good for students, and good for the University. It’s time for the UC to step up and do what’s right. I urge you to call on UC’s negotiators to accept UC-AFT’s May 29th contract package.


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