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Subject: We Demand Middle Class Salaries for All Lecturers

Dear President Napolitano,

The University of California prides itself on being an engine of social mobility for UC students. The teaching faculty who support and mentor students on a daily basis also need middle-class wages.

The median salary of a UC lecturer is $19,900, even less than that of a typical graduate student employee. Treating university teaching as gig work forces many of us to teach multiple jobs at multiple universities. And even then, many struggle to make ends meet. For others, full-time work barely puts us in the middle class.

Our union is currently negotiating to bring middle-class salaries to 6,500 teaching faculty across the UC system. The 2% and 3% general range adjustments that UC labor relations has put on the bargaining table are not sufficient to keep up with inflation, and even those were offered only in exchange for dropping nearly all of our other demands. Plus, reneging on the 2019-2020 raises that the UC committed to providing for lecturers leaves us with little confidence that the University actually stands behind its proposal.

You have an opportunity to invest directly in classroom education, demonstrate support for UC students, and leave a legacy that promotes the UC’s teaching mission.  We urge you to bring compensation proposals to the bargaining table that promote the welfare of UC’s dedicated teaching faculty so that we can promote student success.

Support the lecturers and graduate students in the UC system, offer a COLA, and provide the compensation that shows your respect for the art of teaching.

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